What Our Customer Say..

I recently injured my back and was unable to work out for about a month. Once I was cleared to start again, my coach at RMF took the time and came up with a personal training & nutrition plan that focuses on building my core strength, muscle mass and my most important goal, losing weight.

Due to his encouragement and training, I have lost over 12 lbs. in the past 3 weeks. I feel that I am well on my way to my long term goal of another 30 lbs.

The coaches at RMF are fantastic motivators who have taken a vested interest getting me to reach my goals. I highly recommend RMF to anyone who is looking to get healthy.

Chris M.

I've always been going to the gym but I've never been more consistent. They have set me up with a training plan that is easy to follow that allows me to train anywhere, anytime.

R. Mac Fitness most importantly helped me change one habit at a time. 

The habit that I'm most proud of that resulted in my training with RMF is that I find myself working out early in the morning before work. Without RMF and the quick and efficient workout plans they provided me, this would of never happened. Working out in the morning changes my whole day. I feel refreshed and energized for work making the day more productive.

I cannot thank R.Mac Fitness enough for helping me change my life.

Sunny N. 

I have five simple words: Ryan knows what he's doing.

He's super friendly, funny, and smart. He won't just make sure that your form is perfect, but will make sure you learn how to achieve that perfect form even if you're working out alone. He will teach you how to eat well without giving up taste. He will help you form a cardio/lifting routine tailored exactly to your fitness level, lifestyle, and goals.

Whether you just want some basic fitness and nutrition tips or you have specific goals and want a plan for calories and macro intake, Ryan's your guy!

Ashish U.

Our Transformation Journey 

​My name is Ryan and I created R MAC Fitness in 2014 to share the knowledge and experience I have gained about nutrition, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle.

The habits I have developed have allowed me to do a lot more than just lose fat, build muscle, overcome injuries and become physically stronger. 

​From the abundance of energy all day, to the way I move in and out of the gym, to the way I look and see myself in the mirror, adopting healthy fitness, nutrition, & lifestyle habits has allowed me to transform my entire life. 

My friends, students, and clients who trust and believe in me, allowing me to help them change their lives, and helping me learn from our experiences. They continue to help me develop better ways of teaching, relating and understanding clients as everyone is unique on so many levels. They also appreciate the knowledge I bring to the table and the efforts I make. This makes me want to continue to follow my passions for coaching health & fitness.

375 Lives Changed
4.7 K Workouts This Year
367 Pounds Lost This Year
748 K Reps This Year
37.4K Healthy Meals This Year

Meet Our Success Team

RYAN MCEACHERN, Owner & Head Coach | CPT, TRX, PN Lv.2

My name is Ryan and I am the fearless leader at RMF. I have dedicated my life to providing the best fitness and nutrition coaching programs to you.

I believe in relentlessly pursuing your dreams regardless of the circumstance. The way of the warrior!

I also likes martial arts, kickball, cats, OCR's, spending time with friends and enjoying life!

Dan Rosati, Coach | NASM CPT

My name is Daniel Rosati, NASM CPT. I am attending Southern Connecticut State University for a Bachelor's in Exercise Science, and I’m planning to continue my education to become a physical therapist.

I am passionate about fitness and martial arts, but most importantly, I love getting people in the gym and having them move in ways they never thought they could. Starting with correcting the static posture to performing dynamic movements, together we will unlock your movement potential so you can have more energy throughout your day and life.

Sunny Nariyani, Marketing Director

Sunny handles all the marketing & communications for us. 

He makes sure we have people to coach, that we are putting out great content for you guys, and growing as a company.

If you would like to set up corporate programs for  your employees, have us come do a lunch & learn for your company or any other partnership inquiries, he's the man.

Isabel Skarzynski, Administrative Assistant

Izzy is awesome. She loves music, gardening and women's studies.

She makes sure all the great ideas in our heads get out to you guys. 

She puts out the awesome recipes, social media posts, and makes sure everything is going great behind the scenes. If you have questions on our apps, on our programs, or other general questions, she will be there!

Do You Have Questions?

Get in touch with us! A member of our outstanding Success Team will get back to you within a couple of hours.